Monopoly Trading Rules & Strategies to Win

The tagline for Monopoly is ‘Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game’. So why do so many people forget about trading when they play? Trading is often overlooked but it’s absolutely key if you want to win. And that doesn’t just mean knowing …

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How to Start a Monopoly Game

Whether you’ve somehow never played a game of Monopoly before, or it’s your first time taking charge and getting everything set up, knowing how to start a game of Monopoly is important, but not always straightforward. It’s not helped by …

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Selling Houses in Monopoly: Rules You Need to Know

So, you’ve overstretched your funds a little too far, making a risky play to build houses on a color set that you own, and it’s backfired with a rent bill you can’t quite cover. Or maybe you’ve got houses spread …

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Monopoly Water Works Rules Explained

Monopoly Water Works

Most of the properties in Monopoly work the same way. Typically you buy a space, and then charge a set rent fee every time someone lands on it. Then you increase that rent by buying other properties in that color …

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Monopoly Electric Company Rules Explained

Monopoly Electric Company

What space do you land on if you roll a double 6 on your first turn in a game of Monopoly? Since you’ve read the title, you can probably guess that it’s the Electric Company – otherwise it’d be a …

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Monopoly Auction Rules Explained

One of the most misunderstood rules in Monopoly is around auctioning. But it’s also one of the most important! If you don’t have auctions, then Monopoly games will drag out for hours and become almost impossible to win. Understanding Monopoly …

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9 Ways to Play Monopoly Faster

playing Monopoly fast

Have you ever turned down a game of Monopoly because it takes too long? You’re not alone. According to Monopoly manufacturer Hasbro, the longest game of Monopoly lasted for 70 straight days. Ain’t nobody got time for that! If you …

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Rolling Doubles in Monopoly: 7 Rules You Need to Know

Monopoly Doubles

Some of the Monopoly rules can be tricky to get your head around. The rules around rolling doubles are a perfect example of how complex the Monopoly rules can be. So, if you’ve found yourself in an argument over the …

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